When Jordan Walsh was a freshman at Faith Family Academy in Texas, he made an audacious, three-pronged prediction to head coach Brandon Thomas. 

First, Walsh planned to win a state championship. Then he would make the McDonald’s All-American team. Then he would get drafted into the NBA. 

The equation was simple. Executing the math, of course, was much harder. 

“Kids tell you that stuff all the time,” Thomas told Boston.com on Friday. “Do you believe them? Do you believe that’s what they want? Yeah, that’s what they want. But you also know that only 1 percent of high school players make it.”

Walsh wasn’t ranked on any of the prestigious national lists at the time — a gangly 15-year-old who Thomas described as a “baby deer.” 

Still, Walsh had a few attributes that gave Thomas pause. He was an obsessive worker, arriving at the gym hours before a school day …