The Role of Clean Fuels in an Energy Transition
The Role of Clean Fuels in an Energy Transition
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Commutes On The Dubai Metro Are Going To Be Shorter From Today [Video]

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Commuters rejoice because your journey on the Dubai Metro is about to be a tad shorter. Switching metro stations can be confusing and you may not know which platform to wait at but that’s about to change. The Red Line went through an upgrade and new stations opened up. What’s different now is that you don’t need to switch stations to get to your destination when using the Red Line.

Passengers no longer need to interchange metro stations at Jebel Ali as there are now 2 direct routes

This is taking effect from today. After the first track train passes, the second track train will arrive at the same platform. Track 2 trains run from Centrepoint to UAE Exchange, allowing passengers to travel between Ibn Battuta and UAE Exchange stations without changing trains at Jebel Ali.

It’s that simple and will save you a bit of time!

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