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Philip Cross on Canada's slow economic growth: Finance Committee Testimony

Creed III’s Jonathan Majors Reveals Stepfather Was Inspiration Behind His Character [Video]

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In Michael B. Jordan’s directorial debut, Creed III, Jonathan Majors packs a punch as Damian “Dame” Anderson, a long-forgotten childhood friend of Adonis Creed (Jordan) who’s fresh out of jail and on a quest to obtain the life he thinks he deserves.

During a recent press conference ahead of the film’s release, Majors spoke on his process of bringing Dame to life, explaining how he gathered inspiration from a friend of producer and Creed I director Ryan Coogler and his own formerly incarcerated step-father.

“My stepdad was locked up 15 years before he got with my mom and then raised me up,” Majors began. “The ankle monitor situation, the PO. You know, there’s a box at the house. Like, I was the kid that was trying to make sure Dad got home on time before the parole officer got to the crib. And I watched it. I watched that happen. My stepdad also, yeah, Joe, …

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