Russia's attempt to silence the Macdonald-Laurier Institute

FTC opens investigation into Twitter’s privacy practices [Video]

Jordan News

WASHINGTON (TND) — House GOP lawmakers are demanding answers and issuing dozens of subpoenas as the Judiciary Committee investigates the alleged weaponization of the federal government.

The Federal Trade Commission has also demanded Elon Musk release the names of the journalists he gave information to and the Select Subcommittee is holding a hearing Thursday on the issue.

House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan joined The National Desk’s Jan Jeffcoat Thursday morning to discuss the story.

“The federal government agency is talking to and demanding from a private company, all kinds of information, and some of the things they demanded were, who were the journalists you are talking to?” Jordan said. “And they named four journalists personally for the people who are involved in giving us the information that’s now been commonly referred to as the Twitter pause. Personally naming journalists there, if that’s not the weaponization of government, against the First Amendment freedom of …

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Peter Menzies on Bill C-18: Senate Committee Testimony