Assessing the impact of the Impact Assessment Act ruling
Assessing the impact of the Impact Assessment Act ruling
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Im a millionaires wife & could never work as Im too busy shopping – your men would spoil you if they loved you enough [Video]

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TRYING to do things whilst working a 9 to 5 can be exhausting, with out of hours appointments filling up almost instantly and many of us falling asleep on the sofa most nights.

One influencer claims her off-duty schedule is so full on though, that she could ‘never’ work a normal job (yes, really).

Soudi has been married to her millionaire husband for three yearsCredit: Instagram/@soudiofarabia
The Sussex woman has become known for her lavish lifestyleCredit: Social Media – @soudiofarabia

Soudi Al Nadak is hardly needs to work though, as she married Dubai businessman Jamal and now spends her days showing off their lavish lifestyle on Tiktok.

Originally from the UK, she met her future husband while studying in the city and have been married for three years.

Whilst she might not have to worry being the breadwinner, the influencer still has a packed schedule filled with beauty appointments, shopping sprees and 5 star meals.

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