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Okanagan College spaghetti bridge champion more than a decade in the making [Video]

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It was a dream win that spanned time, distance and adversity for the winner of the 38th annual Spaghetti Bridge Building Competition at Okanagan College (OC) March 3.

More than 250 students from elementary through post-secondary gathered at OC’s Kelowna campus for the contest to see whose spaghetti bridge would reign supreme.

Students had a chance to work in groups to build bridges on-site during the morning for the team-building competition, while others carefully transported elaborate pre-constructed spaghetti structures from across the valley and as far away as Vancouver.

For the competitor who traveled the farthest, the day yielded a victory more than a decade in the making.

Rouzbeh Rouzbehani first attempted to travel from Iran to OC for the contest 12 years ago. Unfortunately, the political situation in his homeland at the time did not allow him to make the journey.

The bridge he constructed that year would go …

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