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Keep these pesky bugs outside this summer

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Discover a brilliant hack from Miss Hinch’s Facebook group to bid farewell to annoying summer flies. All you need is a bag, water, and a few coins.

Summer brings warmth and joy, but it also welcomes unwanted guests in the form of flies and mosquitoes. Dealing with these pests can be quite a nuisance, especially when they find their way into your home.

Fortunately, a simple trick has been shared by followers of cleaning guru Miss Hinch that can help keep flies at bay. With just a bag, water, and some coins, you can say goodbye to these pesky intruders.

The Trick Revealed:

A concerned woman living near a cow farm sought advice on Miss Hinch’s Facebook page, asking for the best way to get rid of flies. In response, the cleaning experts shared an ingenious solution. They suggested taking a bag of sandwiches, filling it halfway with water, and adding …

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