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What happened in the meeting in Oman between America and Iran, the arch enemies, read the impor… [Video]

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What happened in the meeting in Oman between America and Iran, the arch enemies, read the impor…

What happened in the meeting in Oman between America and Iran, the arch enemies, read the importance of the meeting

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Officials of the two arch-rivals and traditional enemies, the US and Iran, held closed-door talks in the Omani capital Muscat. The two countries are believed to have discussed easing tensions in the Middle East and the Gulf, curbing Tehran’s nuclear program and freeing American prisoners. The information about the meeting was given by an official of Oman. Both sides have refused to say anything publicly about the meeting, following a standoff between the two countries over the 2015 nuclear deal and failed attempts to get it back on track. Tensions and bitterness between the two countries also increased after the US withdrew from the nuclear deal with Iran. Donald Trump has isolated himself Five years ago, former US President Donald Trump officially pulled out of the historic Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action and unilaterally imposed sanctions to put more pressure on Iran. Initially, many of America’s allies considered it President Trump’s doctrine but later joined the sanctions on Iran, following US policy in view of various sanctions. What are the signs of sitting? According to experts, the two sides will instead reach a conclusion on a short-term agreement on the main objectives of the 2015 nuclear deal, which has been stalled for several years, rather than relaunching the JCPOA deal. According to sources, the meeting also signals a resumption of a kind of diplomacy between the traditional enemies. According to a report, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasir Kanani confirmed the dialogue between the two countries in a press briefing last week and said that the Muscat meeting was not secret. Kanani said that the two countries have no intention of negotiating a separate agreement from the JCPOA. The Biden administration did not want to give relief On the other hand, the US government has also denied that any agreement is being made with Iran. Mahjoob Zaveri, director of Qatar University’s Gulf Studies Center, said the Biden administration does not want to make any concessions when there is a presidential election next year. The US also does not want its ally Israel to launch a proxy attack on Iran as it may aggravate the regional situation. Meeting positive for Iran According to Cornelius Adebahar, an expert on Iran and resident fellow at Carnegie Europe, there have been no new deals or informal talks between the two countries. Ada Bahr pointed out that the recent arrangement between Iran and the US allowing Iran to pay off its debts to Iraq is a positive step for Iran, which the US For is the opposite of his old dangerous attitude. Iran is adamant that its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes and that its ballistic missile program should not be included in the JCPOA. Iran also believes that the US is preparing to attack it by drawing it into a dispute under the guise of developing nuclear weapons. As America did with Iraq. This move of America on Iran did not work because Russia stands as an ally with Iran. Under the current negotiations, the US is trying to curb Iran’s nuclear and weapons programs, secure the release of Americans imprisoned in Iran, limit Iran’s alleged role in the Russia-Ukraine war, and stabilize energy markets and oil prices. It is worth mentioning that Iran has given many drones to Russia which are troubling the western countries in the war with Ukraine. However, Tehran has said that it supplied drones to Russia months before the Ukraine-Russia war began and that it also wants a negotiated…

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